History proves that while it is extremely rare that an RGPC product fails, if it does, Richard Gray's Power Company is pleased to grant to the original purchaser of Richard Gray's Power Company TM a Limited Warranty according to the time periods stated below *, by merely completing the Warranty Registration and submitting it to us within thirty (30 days of the date of purchase from an Authorized Dealer). A copy of the full warranty is below:

* Unless otherwise stated RGPC Products have a five year warranty with registration with the exception of the RGPC Accessory products, the RGPC PowerVault, RGPC Extender IP, and UPS8 2 years Electronics and battery, UPS15/22 3 years electronics, 1 year batteries, and LS 2 Pro 1 year.
When validated by Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC LLP this certifies that the Product listed to the right has been registered to the listed owner and is covered by the Limited Warranty* period, until the Expiration date. This warranty is valid for original purchaser only and is not transferable. Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC warrants the product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the following :

CONDITIONS AND LIMITATIONS: This warranty is subject to the following conditions and limitations:

This warranty is void and inapplicable if the product has not been used in accordance with the instructions contained in the Instructions For Use, or has been misused or abused, or damaged by neglect or transportation, or if the defect is due to the product being repaired, modified or tampered with by anyone other than Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC or its specifically authorized agent.

If Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC product fails to meet the above warranty and the above conditions have not been violated, the purchaser's sole remedy shall be to return the product to Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC where the defect will be repaired without charge for parts or labor. The product must be packed in an original specification box and packing (available from Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC for a nominal charge) and returned to Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC via insured UPS, FEDEX or freight carrier by the owner at his or her own expense. A Return Authorization number (available from Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC) must be written on the outside of the carton as well as placed inside the carton of the product being returned, to include the serial number and proof of the original date of purchase and a description of the defect. It is highly recommended that your original dealer invoice be kept in safe keeping and perhaps taped to the underside of RGPC models purchased.

The repaired product will be returned via prepaid, insured freight (Method and carrier to be determined solely by Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC). Certain RGPC Isolation models are very heavy for their compact size so use of the correct shipping carton is very is extremely important, to avoid shipping damage and the resultant inconvenient insurance claims.
Note: Telecommunications Connectivity and Protection Modules are designed under the guidelines and standards of NFPA, UL, CSA & Telcrodia, to operate under certain extreme conditions, as fuses or in Fail-Safe mode to protect connected equipment. Failure of Telecommunications Connectivity products and Protection Modules due to extreme conditions constitutes normal operation and replacement under these conditions is not covered by this warranty.

This warranty expires on the appropriate anniversary of the model and date purchased. This warranty applies only to product purchased from an Authorized Dealer and used in the United States or Canada.

Richard Gray's Power Company, LLC reserves the right to modify its products or change specifications at any time without any obligation or liability to previous purchasers. Any implied warranties relating to the above product shall be limited to the duration of the above warranty. The warranty does not extend to any incidental or consequential costs or damages to the purchaser. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights. Failure to register the Limited Warranty will result in coverage being restricted to a period of the Limited One-Year Warranty.

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