1 2 3 plus C for Today's AV Systems

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AV Systems have changed dramatically over the last several years, evolving into "Home Automation/Integration and Converged AV Networks". Compared to past technologies, today's systems are more sensitive to their Electrical Environment, more expensive to install, manage, update, repair and maintain. Thus the Integrity of the customer's AC Power, Communications Network, and Grounding are more critical to system's Performance, Integrity and Reliability.

Utilizing its Technical Expertise RGPC has developed the 1 2 3 plus C system, to meet the Demanding and Dynamic needs of today's "Home Automation/Integration and Converged AV Networks", the implementation of the 1 2 3 plus C provides a Pure-Quiet-Stable AC Power and Communications environment, where all connected equipment operate in the same virtual conditions as specified by their manufacturers.
The 1 2 3 plus C system, incorporates AC Surge Protection, AC Power Purification, Parallel Power Delivery, UPS Systems and Communications Protection.

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