Power Isolation/Purification

AV Grade Magnetic Isolation, that creates a brand new (Dedicated) AC delivery system that provides clean and free from any electrical pollution Power.

Conditioned Power with Preprogrammed let through performance keeps away AC Interference,  Transients and Electrical pollution to safe AV grade levels (<12 Volts NM, <1 Volt CM)

All models contain Balanced AC Surge protection.

Substation Substation RM Pro PowerHouse

Parallel Power Delivery

Patented parallel iron-core inductor technology is proven (after 1 million installations and counting) to provide instant current –on–demand to power efficiently today’s High Performance-Current hungry AV components and electronic systems.

Stabilizes AC Power
Enhances AV performance
Improves start up characteristics and Inrush response
Provides additional Balanced AC Surge protection.

200 LD 400 Pro 600S 800 RM Pro 1200C

* The matching of Isolation/Purification models with Parallel Delivery models help to create an RGPC IsoGray system. These unrivaled technologies provide an idealized electrical environment where components and systems can effortlessly achieve and maintain their maximum performance capabilities, without tradeoffs.

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