The New (RGPC) Richard Gray's Power Company

RICHARD GRAY’S POWER COMPANY (RGPC) was founded in 1998 to develop AC Power Delivery Systems designed to provide the suitable Electrical Environment that Protects, Purifies and Matches the Electrical Characteristics and Demands  of  AV equipment, Home Automation, Integrated Systems and Communications Networks, while at the same time enhancing Performance to the Highest Levels and Increasing System Reliability.
Today RGPC has become the leader in providing products, technical solutions and services for a Safe, Secure and Enhanced Environment, where AC Power, Communications and Data operate in harmony and maximum efficiency in today's converged Infrastructure and Integrated Technologies.

RICHARD GRAY’S POWER COMPANY is a US owned and Operated Company that has its own Engineering, Manufacturing, Applications and Product Support operations. All products are manufactured under ISO 9002.

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